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Game Summit continues to grow with participants of all ages, and with the expectation of over 2,000 attendees, you have a wonderful opportunity to connect with a unique and & diverse gaming and geeky crowd celebrating Ottawa-Gatineau’s geek & gaming hobbies.

Download the Sponsorship and Exhibitor Package (.PDF 1.5MB) (ENGLISH)
Télécharger la trousse de commandites et exposants (.PDF 1.5MB) (FRENCH)

100-124: Shopkeeper booths
200-215: Community/Club tables
300-307: Game Designer tables
400-448: Merchants & Artisan tables
500-506: Garage Sale

Marketplaces Hours
The hours for the Marketplace areas are:

  • Saturday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday 10:00 to 17:00

The areas will be secured during closed hours.

Exhibitors Packages

Exhibitors have the option of choosing from a number of packages.

Levels / Benefits Shopkeeper
Merchant or Artisan
Game Designer
30 sec. announcement *
10’ x 10’ Booth (2 tables) *
8’ x 6’ Booth (1 tables) * * *
Logo in Passport *
Listing in Passport (Exhibitor page) * * * *
Logo on website *
Listing on website (Exhibitor page) * * * *
Mentions on Facebook and Twitter * * * *
4 Weekend Passports *
2 Weekend Passports * * *

*Prize Support from Shopkeepers

We keep our fees for our packages reasonably low, in exchange we ask that each Shopkeeper provide an additional $100 (MSRP) value in prize support (product or/and certificates) for our raffles and tournaments.

UPDATE: 2012-11-12 – We are already 85% booked!

Additional Passes & Passports

If you need additional Marketplaces Passes or Weekend  Gamer Passports you can add them to your cart before proceeding with your online payment.

Get your spot in the Gamer Passport!

Each registered participant receives an attractive interactive program called the “Gamer Passport”. One of the simplest ways to promote yourself is to place an ad. To meet printing deadlines, we will require your ad by December 31st, 2012.
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