Tephra RPG: Lady of Avadon

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Tephra RPG: Lady of Avadon

Steam, wild gizmos, hulking automatons controlled by advanced brainworks, bio-engineered abominations, chainsaw swords, locomotives and elegant airships – let me introduce you to steampunk, a time ruled by intelligent industry, vests, top hats, and corsets. A time where adventure was one dirigible’s ride away, and gentlemanly duty was society’s norm. Welcome to Tephra, a steam-powered world, where fantasy meets science fiction, all pounded together into a pre-industrial technological boom.

Tephra is an evolutionary tabletop roleplaying experience, built by gamers who enjoy an easy-to-learn system with unlimited options. You’ll feel at home with just one die (a twelve-sider), over 400 different character abilities, and a seemingly infinite amount of character combinations. Gone are the specific classes of many systems – in are a massive numbers of skills for you to specialize in. To top it all off, everything’s available from level 1, and it only gets better.

From an easy character creation system to an intuitive and high-movement combat system, to an enormous array of character abilities, Tephra will leave you building, creating, and dreaming until your friends start wondering about that new handlebar mustache you’re sporting. This is steampunk – the options are unlimited. Welcome to Tephra.

Adventure Name: A Lady of Avadon

You are all crew aboard the Privateer ship known as the "Windcaller", traveling throughout Evangless and beyond on adventures of fame and fortune. After stocking up on goods from exotic Izenda your ship has traveled to the wealthy estate of the Avadon Family, high nobles of the nearby city of Aldamiir. What seems like a routine delivery will become an adventure like no other for our intrepid crew. Will you make your mark on history in the continent of Evangless?

Event Details

WHEN: Sunday February 3, 2013
TIME: 15:00
Game Master: John Swan

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