D&D Next: Get Tamodar

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D&D Next: Get Tamodar

Your friend, mentor and patron, Baron Ahmed of Tarsus, was murdered. A trusted source told you she saw the mercenary Tamodar, whom Baron Ahmed neither trusted nor liked, leaving the baron's tent around the time of the murder. When you learned Tamodar rode out of the camp, you left the army besieging the city of Izmir to ride out into the Frontier Marches chasing him. At the village of Hommled, the innkeeper recognized the picture of Tamodar and said he was heading north, to the outpost of Perren at the very edges of the Principate of Abbasidia.

GET TAMODAR uses the D&D Next playtest rules.

Event Details

WHEN: Saturday February 2, 2013
TIME: 19:00
Game Master: Fraser Ronald

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