Sen-Foong Lim


Sen-Foong Lim is the short, Asian half of the versatile tabletop design team, the Bamboozle Brothers. Since 2011, they have covering a diverse range from the Euro-styled strategy game “Belfort” to “But Wait, There’s More!”, the party game about pitching wacky products to “Junk Art”, a family-oriented dexterity game.

As his games have been successful critically and in terms of sales, Sen has been requested to design games featuring some of fandom’s most beloved properties. He is also a highly sought-after developer and rules editor, with an ability to take other people’s games across the finish line.

Sen often speaks on panels at game conventions and  guest lectures in game design courses. Sen also hosts the weekly design-centric webcasts, the Meeple Syrup Show and it’s offshoot, The Game Dojo, which follows up-and-coming designers through their process from inspiration to publication.

He may have to use jiu jitsu on you if you choose to play as yellow before he gets a chance but you can always try to distract him with good BBQ.